Stretch It Out: Upper Trapezius

Stretch:  Upper Trapezius

On Monday the muscle of the day was one of my clients’ most common problem areas — Trapezius.  So today, I made a short video on Instagram demonstrating a super easy Upper Trap stretch that you can do wherever, whenever you want.

Here are couple images I found on the web demonstrating the stretch, with my descriptions.


Gently lean your head to one side.  With the hand on the side you are leaning towards, gently stretch the head down towards the shoulder.  Placing the opposite hand on the small of your back helps give the stretch some resistance.

Upper Trap Stretch (2)

You can also tilt your chin downward at an angle to stretch more of the posterior (back) area of the muscle.  Again, gently stretch the head/neck with the hand of the side you are leaning towards.  The hand placed behind the back simply adds resistance to the stretch.

Neck Stretches

These are some simple neck stretches that will hit the targeted Upper Trap area as well. The images are pretty self explanatory.  Just remember — stretch slow and gentle.  You want to feel a stretch, not sharp pain!

Want to watch the video?  Check out Instagram @amassagetherapist

IMG_4606  IMG_4607 IMG_4608 IMG_4609

Image cred:
Google Image

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